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Portrait of Young Noblemen
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Portrait of Young Noblemen
Year: 2012
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 36" x 25"
Commissioned by Bill Deborg, this work was created from a photograph of the patronís son, Nathan, and two of his sonís friends, Andy and Doug. The picture depicts the young, confident men dressed in the style of a bygone era as at what appears to be a costume party. Using the photograph as reference material, the artist decided to play on the themes of noblemen and costume in art history. For example, Rembrandt would often dress himself in styles from the past when posing for self-portraits, such as his 1658 portrait. For this particular portrait, Spear used the Mannerist painting by Francesco Salviati called Portrait of a Florentine Nobleman (1545) which hangs in the St. Louis Art Museum. Having graduated from the University of Missouri Ė St. Louis, Spear had visited the museum and that particular painting multiple times. Specifically Spear utilizes the stylization of Salviatiís technique along with the cloth and the sunlight on the horizon in the background to create grandness to the subject matter. The similarity of the two paintings suggests that this is a portrait of modern noblemen in taking part in the Renaissance of contemporary society. The sun on the horizon can stand for either the beginning of the end of an era.

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