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The Communal Neutron
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The Communal Neutron
Year: 2006
Medium: Acylic on canvas
Size: 108" x 48"
After fleeing Europe and settling in the United States Max Ernst told a story about giving advice to a young Jackson Pollack. He said that he told Pollack that painting could be as easy as hanging paint buckets with holes in the bottom from a rope connected to the ceiling and letting the buckets glide over the canvas dripping paint as it moves.

I took this idea and set up the project for Columbia’s Downtown Gallery Crawl. Everyone that touched the bucket as it swung over the canvas signed their name to the piece. All in all about 75 people participated. Some eight and nine year olds who worked on the piece thought that it looked like Jimmy Neutron and since people from the community helped with the piece it became “The Communal Neutron.” The piece is now hanging in Addison’s restaurant along with the signatures of all who participated.

Prints are currently available:

  • 108" x 48" $2750.00