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The Race for Atalanta
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The Race for Atalanta
Year: 2003
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 114" x 48"
Atalanta was a beautiful woodland nymph and famous hunter who was told that if she ever married it would mean doom for her. Many men fell in love with her and wanted her hand in marriage. She said that they could marry her only if they beat her in a foot race; however, any man who participated in the race and lost would be killed. Even though the consequences were harsh, many men tried to outrun Atalanta, and many men died.
A young man by the name of Milanion was one of her many admirers, but he stood out from the rest; he had Aphrodite on his side. Aphrodite gave Milanion three golden apples from her orchard and told Milanion to drop them as he ran.

As the race began Milanion got in front of Atalanta with a quick bust of speed. As Atalanta got closer Milanion threw out a golden apple. Atalanta thought the apple was so beautiful that she had to pick it up which slowed her down. Everytime Atalanta got closer Milanion threw out another apple and eventually won the race.

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38" x 16" $395
Edition of 200
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