David Spear


"Tribute to 'Blind' Boone"
2015 Columbia Office of Cultural Affairs Poster

This painting is a tribute to one of Columbia’s finest and most revered sons, John William ‘Blind’ Boone. Boone was a man of extraordinary talents, worldwide fame and endless generosity, who overcame great obstacles and fought through adversities with love, kindness and faith.

However, it has also been said that Boone was a madman on the keys and that sometimes he would play with such might he would destroy pianos. Legend has it that his depiction of nature in “The Marshfield Tornado” ensued fear and panic in the audience so much that some ran for cover.

Today our city is in the mist of rebuilding his house which was once a home with an open door and endless melodies. Through our communities historical restoration we can once again celebrate the life of ‘Blind’ Boone and use his legacy as a source of inspiration.

Available at the Office of Cultural Affairs and Deck the Walls in Columbia.